UT Study: Tennesseans Want Investments in Walking and Biking

With a gas tax increase among the most important topics for the 2017 Tennessee legislature, a new study from UT Knoxville shows that a majority of Tennesseans want more investment in biking and walking. 

According to a poll conducted by the Social Work Office of Research and Public Service at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, if the gas tax is increased, 57% of Tennesseans support increased funding for biking, walking, and transit.

A majority of registered voters also believe that investments in walking and biking infrastructure are investments in safety.  

And finally, Tennesseans said they are more likely to support a gas tax increase if local governments retain control over how to spend this money.

This groundbreaking study from UT Knoxville shows definitively that Tennesseans want their transportation network to include more trails, more sidewalks, and more bike lanes.