Mission & Goals


Bike Walk Chattanooga's mission is to enhance the quality, safety, and accessibility of the Chattanooga area for walking, biking, and transit by promoting community, civic engagement, and public policy. 



Bike & Pedestrian Facility Planning

To provide public input, planning, and support to public and private agencies building bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that provides connectivity for facilities in the Chattanooga region

Community Events

To provide a support body for planning, promoting, and hosting public events that advocate for bicycling, walking, transit, or any other mode of sustainable transportation through community engagement

Public Safety, Education, & Awareness

To provide an educational platform for bringing awareness and public safety to bicycling and walking through media campaigns, clinics, workshops, and public relation campaigns

Centralized Support System

To provide a centralized support system to local clubs and organizations that share our vision and to provide a unified advocacy platform through which these groups can share resources and garner support

Equity and Inclusion

To provide a platform to advocate on behalf of underserved areas of our community and to assist these communities in gaining the education, resources, and support needed to better their overall health and safety