Local Advocacy


What is advocacy?

Advocacy is the process of supporting and enabling people to:

• Express their views and concerns

• Access information and services

• Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities

• Explore choices and options.

Advocacy takes many shapes. It could mean spending your money at businesses that actively support bicycling and walking. It could mean inviting a friend to attend a public meeting and speaking up for your community. It could simply mean having a conversation with someone. Advocacy is at the core of what Bike Walk Chattanooga does. We organize breakfasts to develop commuter culture, we administer end-of-trip facilities to lower barriers to biking and walking, we work directly with agencies and organizations to keep biking and walking's voice at the table. All of these programs are part of an integrated strategy to support and enable people who care about biking and walking.  

Bike Walk Tennessee and Bike Walk Chattanooga participate in various capacities with local agencies and planning initiatives, including:

• Technical Coordinating Committee for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Transportation Planning Organization

• Lead coordinator of U.S. Bicycle Route and Scenic Bikeways across the region and state

• Lead coordinator for the Chattanooga Urban Rail Trails planning project

• Supporting partner in the Northwest Georgia Scenic Bikeways and Trails planning project

• Community partner with the THRIVE 2055 planning initiative

• Ongoing supporter and partner of the Chattanooga Department of Transportation.

If you would like to learn more about any of these initiatives, or if you would like to get involved, please visit our Contact Us page and sign up for our newsletter.